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How Body Language Influences Daily Life

By: Julie-Ann Amos - Updated: 2 Apr 2017 | comments*Discuss
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Body language is part of every aspect of your daily life. It affects your interactions with other people your observations of other people, and even your interactions and observations with yourself. Many people don’t realize just how powerful body language is when it comes to self-esteem, self-confidence, and just generally feeling good about yourself.

How Does Your Body Language Affect You?
Maybe your mother told you to smile, even if you don’t feel like it, because it can help you and the people around you feel a bit better. This old piece of advice has very real roots in reality, because your own body language has a powerful effect on you as well as on the people around you.

Let’s go back to the smile for a moment. Try it for yourself right now; smile for a few seconds and notice how you feel. You might feel a bit silly, of course, but chances are you also feel at least an inkling of more positive feelings. Counsellors and mental health professionals often use this technique to help people with depression literally lift their own spirits, encouraging those people to make a conscious effort to smile as much as possible.

Body position and posture is also an important factor in your self-esteem and self-confidence. You can try this for yourself, too. Stand up and walk across the room with your shoulders slumped, your head tilted down, and your feet dragging just a bit. How does it feel? Now walk back across the room with your shoulders square and back, your head held up, and your feet moving briskly. How does it feel? What differences did you notice?

Applying Your Body Language to Your Daily Life
Okay, so your own body language does have an impact on your daily life. What advantage is there to knowing this? Well, for one thing, it gives you a greater amount of control over your own emotions and attitude. Now, of course a smile alone is not going to correct a great deal of sadness, fear, and the like, but when used consistently and in combination with other non-verbal self cues, it can help you start to feel better.

Another part of applying body language to your daily life is your appearance. What happens when you just throw on a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt? How do you feel? Now think about when you get dressed up in nice clothes with your hair neat and makeup (if applicable) looking good? How do you feel? Chances are the simple action of putting on nice clothes and a bit of primping leaves you feeling confident, happy, and attractive.

Think about all of the different ways your own body language gives your own brain some important non-verbal clues. Sometimes it is really hard to force yourself to ‘perk up’ and change your body language. It may even feel as if you’re ‘lying’ to yourself a little bit. Despite these feelings, rest assured that there is nothing deceitful about using non-verbal actions to build up your own confidence and self-esteem. Just the opposite, in fact, because knowing how and when to do this is a powerful tool in your arsenal of dealing with the challenges and opportunities of daily life.

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